Proforma Kursus

Technology Education

Technology Education is the study of “how people modify the natural world to suit their own purposes and generally refers to the diverse collection of processes and knowledge that people use to extend human capabilities and to satisfy human needs and wants. (Reference: Standards for Technological Literacy, 2000)

Educational technology allows for flexibility in learning and teaching

Educational technology is the incorporation of Internet and other information technologies into the learning experience. This is a term that grows along with the advancements that are made in the field. Learning and teaching options have drastically changed thanks to the addition and utilization of technology in the education experience. Distance learning is one part of the learning and instruction technology world. Online classes that employ chat rooms, file transfers, and message boards allow a student to maximize his or her learning experience while maintaining a flexible education schedule. Computer technologies have made distance learning today much easier than in the past. Education technologies also make teaching easier on the instructor. The use of a virtual classroom, for instance, allows an instructor to teach from a remote location or to reach students from remote locations. This is can make the educational experience more enjoyable and thorough, so both the teacher and student benefit. Additionally, technological advancements have made related web collaboration and conferencing services much more affordable than in the past. Because of the increasing affordability of these technologies, it is quite likely we’ll see a growing trend toward virtual classrooms and distance learning in the future. To read more about the integration of technologies in the classroom, browse these articles from Education World. Education is truly changing thanks to technological advancements. Educators and students alike will see an evolving educational experience that incorporates web-based and computer-based functions more and more.

(Ref: About the Author Bob Whitehead is a successful freelance writer and contributor to Your definitive guide to web conferencing services, online collaboration software and web meetings for business. (Oct 2005))

Ge2153 Educational Technology (Fakulti Pendidikan UKM)

“Kursus ini bertujuan memberi pengetahuan serta latihan amali bagi memperkenalkan kepada pelajar konsep inovasi dan teknologi pendidikan serta peranannya dalam pendidikan. Pelajar akan didedahkan tentang prinsip-prinsip penyediaan, penggunaan, pemilihan dan penilaian media pengajaran serta perancangan pengajaran berpandukan Teknologi Pendidikan yang merangkumi aspek pendekatan sistem, kepelbagaian media dan perkembangan Teknologi Maklumat dan Komunikasi (ICT) dalam Pendidikan. Aspek penghasilan media elektronik dan bukan elektronik seperti bahan cetak, bahan 2 dan 3 dimensi, transperensi, fotografi dan grafik, audio serta video sebagai bahan bantu pengajaran akan diberi penekanan. Pengendalian bahan-bahan tersebut akan menyedarkan pelajar tentang isu yang terlibat dalam pemilihan, penyerapan, penggunaan, penilaian dan penghasilan media pendidikan. Kursus ini pada asasnya akan disampaikan secara teori dan amali”

Details Course outline (ge2153_courseoutline)


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