Introduction: Why use blog in teaching

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Logo WordPressWhy did you decide to use a blog? We have always wanted to build a stronger community for the BTechs, as it can be a lonely year for them as they work on their self-directed projects. I have also always believed that if students actively reflect on their learning that they engage in a deeper process of understanding what is going on. Through this they are empowered to own their learning and to be better masters of their progress. It is also important for us to engender a culture of co creation within the group – students should feel as though they are contributing to the programme structures and form. Knowledge is created hand in hand with the students in an evolutionary way. What technology did you use? Was it easy to use? Where did you go for help? I simply used Blogger as it was the easiest to set up a blog with. I used the online tutorial guide supplied by Blogger and looked at examples of blogs on the web. I have also used some of the free templates available on sites like My students used mostly Blogger, but some experimented with the WordPress blogs. How did you integrate blogs in your course? I am running a blog, the Designcog, where I post interesting design stuff I get from blogs that I follow, research that I do, and a lot from what’s happening in Cape Town in terms of innovative design. But we also encourage all our students to set up their own blogs, especially during their four-week internship. This helps them to reflect on their learning, to get into the habit of publishing and exposing themselves in the online community and to take the first steps towards promoting themselves, as young designers trying to get work. It also gave us, the lecturing staff, an interesting window on their experiences. Any unintended outcomes? The blog has been used by potential employers of students I have pointed them to the student blogs linked to Designcog and they have browsed the posts to get a strong sense of the personalities and areas of design interest students are blogging about. It is also useful to point potential BTech students to the Designcog so they can see what is going on like a window on the activities they will be involved in. I have also used it as a means of showing all our industry partners what we are doing and also for them to see how the students experienced the internships spent with them.


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